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C1st was founded on the vision that the Client will always come first. We exist to serve the needs of those in our regions dealing with paranormal problems. The mission is to always help the clients achieve a resolution.  Whether it's your home or business, you shouldn't feel afraid to be in your place. That's why our clients well being is of the most importance. We strive to make them feel comfortable in their homes or places of business once again.


​C1st Paranormal Midwest is an diverse team of investigators with over sixty years of combined experience in the paranormal field. Together, we have the knowledge and experience to find solutions to the problems you are experiencing. Including full investigations, blessings and cleansing of your property, psychological help and more. We work as a not-for-profit entity, meaning our group of investigators and experts donate their time, energy and skills; at no point will you be asked to pay for evidence or our services. 




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