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C1st Takes on Millstadt Library

Team member Gary speaking to the attendees of the event.

Now that we're all finished ghoul-ing around for Halloween, let's talk October. At the beginning of the month we had the opportunity to be involved at an event Paranormal Activity, hosted by the Millstadt Library and we couldn't have been more excited! Gary, Brian, Ara and Eric lead the event to speak on "What is Paranormal Investigation."

Co-founder Brian speaks to the attendees

"You know when you watch T.V. and you see all the jump scares, the 'Oh my gosh, did you hear that?', the constant flow of evidence appearing? – that's not at all how this works." said group co-founder, Brian Huxley "It's a lot of sitting, carefully paying attention and using the tools we have at hand to record our experience, and then the immense time to sift through that information afterwards."

Co-founder, Gary Fisher spoke fond memories of getting the team started, his ventures in the paranormal spanning the globe, and of loved ones paying visits through code-words while he is in the field. "We don't say all this is fact, but there's certainly things you can't explain and we try to shine light on that," Fisher stated. Ara Robbins had evidence she captured in one of her old homes which helped lead her further into the paranormal. "You can watch a screen all day and say, 'oh look there's so many orbs.' I say, 'dust, bugs, and dust." It takes a lot of energy, and certain movements and light to lead us to see something as an orb. She presented photos of a shape-shifting orb from that old home, taken as she was moving out.

"I may be the tech-person on the team, but I offer the least tech-y gift." Eric Buchheit explained as he showed the audience a set of dowsing rods, "these use magnetic pull and energy to guide you to A/B, yes/no type answers. Like all of our team, I move forward with skepticism and double check every answer." Buchheit also explained how they have a long history dating back millennia to locate water and are still used by some rural farmers today.

We displayed all of our equipment and allowed the crowd to ask questions, use the technology and get more acquainted with the team and the idea of paranormal investigation. The event was a huge success with about fifty attendees huddling in to catch the presentation. After C1st was finished speaking, the Millstadt Historical Society lead a downtown walk-about describing the spookier history of the town.

"We also cannot thank C1st Paranormal Midwest and the Millstadt Historical Society enough for making our Paranormal Activity program held last Saturday such a success - we're already planning for next year!" SOURCE: MILLSTADT LIBRARY FACEBOOK

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