I became interested in the paranormal when I had an experience with a shadow person in my kitchen when I was 11 years old in my home I shared with my mom. I was interested in it ever since, but it wasn't socially acceptable to talk about it back then. I then became a fan of paranormal TV shows when Ghost Hunters started.


While stationed in Columbus, Mississippi I decided to join a local group called the Mystic Mississippi Paranormal Society. I was an investigator/tech manager for them for 3 years with a 6 month deployment to the Middle East in the middle, where I experienced some paranormal activity at the base I was working at. In 2012, I was transferred to South Korea where I formed my own group called Osan Paranormal Investigations. I closed that group in the winter of 2012 when I got stationed in Tampa Florida where I joined the Paranormal Research Society of Florida or P.R.O.O.F., who I was with until 2017.


I helped found C1st Paranormal and when I got stationed in Illinois in 2018 I founded a new chapter of C1st called C1st Paranormal Midwest. I've been part of paranormal investigations all over the country and the world. I'm also the host of Unlocking the Unknown Radio where I discuss all types of paranormal phenomenon covering the gambit of Ghosts, Cryptids, and UFO's. I've held every position you cand hold in a paranormal group from founder to case manager to tech manager and as such I bring a lot of varying experience to C1st and I'm so excited that this group is going to be helping as many people as we can with their paranormal issues.


His interest in the Paranormal and the Unexplained started when he was young after reading and hearing about other people's stories and grew stronger after having his own experiences. While stationed at Luke AFB Brian developed a close friendship with fellow Air Force member Gary Fisher. As their friendship grew, Gary shared his experiences as a Paranormal Investigator and Brian became more curious about the field. Around the same time Brian moved back to Indiana, Gary was stationed in Florida where he Co-Founded the group C1st Paranormal.


Since that time Brian has accompanied Gary's team on multiple occasions gaining knowledge. He recently became a Co-Host on the radio show Unlocking the Unknown interviewing people in the field of the Paranormal and Unexplained. Their brotherhood continues as they become Co-Founders of the new chapter of C1st Paranormal Midwest.

Team Member
Team Member

Knowing you perceive the world around you differently than most people was a struggle for me growing up, I was taught that in order to fit in it was best not to talk about seeing and hearing people who have passed away or talking about anything I see that would not fit with the belief system I was exposed to. I became a nurse in 2003, quickly I learned to control my environment instead of it controlling me. Two years later, a family member asked me if I would like to form a paranormal team with him and his wife. As time progressed, so did my gifts.


Now I enjoy helping people prove or disprove what they perceive is the paranormal. I have been on over 300 cases; however, I have only been out of the paranormal closet of giving comfort to the deceased and the living publicly for the past 6 years. My house is always haunted, and I find a certain balance has to exist between the living and the dead. It has led me to believe that if you get rid of all the good spirits a void is left for true evil to enter and cause chaos.

I come from a family of empaths and healers. I have always been able to see, hear and smell the presence of spirits, and I have always had an interest in the paranormal and the unknown. I have had very many paranormal experiences ever since I was young. When I started having my children, I ignored my gifts for many years, until I moved into a very haunted house in 2015, and it all came back. I started investigating with some of the team members that had come to my house to help me and now I try to help others.

Team Member

As far as I can remember, I've always been gravitated towards all things spooky, weird, and unexplained.  I always enjoyed from reading small horror books, like Goosebumps as a kid, to watching relatable stories on TV, like Unexplained Mysteries.  There was something about the more personable stories that really caught my attention. Well, probably the fact that, even though I didn't believe it, it could still happen to me. As I entertained myself with these stories, I learned that there were people in this world that make it their mission to really look into these paranormal phenomenons.  That REALLY caught my attention.  I recall at about the age of 10 or 11, I tried contacting one of these well-known groups.  They never replied or reached back out, but it didn't wane my interest in the paranormal field. 


Eventually, at about the age of 24, I was casually chatting with a customer one evening, and they brought up that they were in the field.  I can't state how elated I was to hear this!  This is how I met 

Ara and her team at the time, MPI [Moonlite Paranormal Investigation]. I've traveled to many residences and establishments with this team, and had a blast learning all about the paranormal field. 


As where I stand now, I've thought I've always come into this with a solid mind and scientific process.  I was finally able to come face to face whether or not all of those TV shows I watched and all those stories I've heard from relatives had any validity to them.  And although I want it to be real, I've personally never had HARD evidence to prove to me that it was.  I'm here to find that evidence, not just for me, but to share with the world.  Plus, a good spooky story to tell around the campfire.

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Team Member

I’ve always had a fascination with the paranormal, but never any experiences to confirm it. In 2012, my family and I went to Hannibal, Missouri for vacation and while there, went on a haunted tour. Now, I take haunted tourism with a grain of salt (as I think everyone should) but while on that tour I got my hands on some divining rods and easily communicated while in a cemetery. Next thing you know, we’re talking to deceased family members. 


It’s funny how puzzle pieces just fall together sometimes. I come from a small town, where I help manage my family’s restaurant. One day about four years ago, there was a team of investigators in having a meeting, I see they're a paranormal team and we get chatting. Since then, our restaurant has been investigated twice, both yielding interesting finds and I’ve since joined ASI (now merged with C1st).


My experience with dowsing/divining has only grown and I’ve enjoyed employing the skill on a handful of investigations, both personally and with the team. I always look forward to experiencing the next investigation, and always with hopes of helping others.

Historical / Location Research

I became aware of the field of the Paranormal when I married my husband Gary Fisher. Due to prior engagements I’m unable to be a field team member but I love to help my husband and his team help people with Paranormal issues doing the behind the scenes work on locations they investigate.